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We design and Integrate renewable energy solutions which cuts across all level of energy demands ranging from small household solar and hybrid systems to mini solar grid systems for rural electrification and industrial power backup systems.

Our Flagship Project

Living Off-The-Grid In Nigeria

Within the newly developed Guzape District in the heart of Abuja lies a unique 10-apartment block building, running totally off the grid with a combination of wind and solar hybrid providing enough electricity for the residential apartments, including air conditioning and solar water heating systems.

At BlueCamelEnergy, the renewable energy company that executed this project, the building proves that Nigeria’s energy future has large off-grid potentials.

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We are fast becoming the preferred provider of efficient Solar Power Solutions to leading companies, major oil companies, homes, schools, and Government
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Production Plant

Welcome To Our Off-The-Grid Facility and Academy

In the heart of Kakuri Industrial layout in Kaduna State, lies a renewable energy Production Plant and a Training Academy seating on a 3 hectares piece of land with limitless opportunities of rolling out trained technical personnel for the deployment of solar

solutions, entrepreneurs in the industry and project developers, customized products through research and development and other numerous lines of activities which present investment opportunities for both local and foreign investors.

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We are a leading renewable energy and power solutions company. We have a vision and the passion to drive an increase in Nigeria’s energy capacity and access, create business and employment for thousands of young people through our academy training programmes. Sigup below:

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Blue Camel Energy partners with several leading organizations in Solar Power Systems to deliver cutting edge and tailor made clean and sustainable energy to our esteemed customers.

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Blue Camel Energy COVID-19 Message

Blue Camel Energy has taken a swift shift to ensure work-from-home (WFH) for all of its staff. As pioneers of the Renewable Energy Sector in Nigeria, we are dedicated to serving our customers by leveraging on our technology and management system. We have transitioned a large portion of our workforce to WAH. Blue Camel Energy is part of the fight against preventing the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria. Stay productive, stay home, stay safe.